The Palapa Guy, LLC

Our Palapas

Palapas are made in varying sizes. We start with deciding how many poles you would like in your Palapa, and then talk about how big the canopy can be based upon the number of poles.
1 pole palapaFor example, if you wanted a 1-pole Palapa, we could build that with a 7 to 12 foot diameter canopy. Sound a little confusing? It’s really not! A lot of it has to do with looking at the space you are trying to cover and what is going to be under the Palapa. 1 pole palapa

Whatever you decide, you should know that we
build all of our Palapas to the same high standard of quality, which includes:
- Center Pole & Support Poles
- Two Layers of Palms
- All Hardware, concrete & Mounting Material

What exactly does it mean to “install” a Palapa? Well, we start with a clean dirt surface (no concrete) and dig a hole about two feet deep and ten inches wide. We place the Palapa poles in the holes and fill with concrete flush to the existing surface, unless otherwise noted.

The warranty on our work is as good as you will find anywhere with three year manufacture defect warranty on the structure and one year warranty on the thatch & mat.

Here’s a suggestion. Take a look at our photo gallery (click the words!) and get an idea of the possibilities. Then give us a call and we can talk about what is going to work best for you.
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