The Palapa Guy, LLC

Why the Palapa Guy


The Palapa Guy, LLC is a local Arizona company that builds custom tropical shade structures. We specialize in building custom palapas with only the best materials. We donít use kits that you can find on the internet because they are cheap in both quality and materials. Sure they use the same type of palm but they donít use high quality lumber for the structures like we do. We have seen kits made with half poles instead of whole. We have seen bender board and lattice being used to cut the cost but also it cuts the quality. We at The Palapa Guy only use residentially safe pressure treated lumber and donít cut corners by slicing the wood or using redwood lattice for the roof support.

Here is a custom palapa by
The Palapa Guy:
Here is a three pole palapa kit:

Checkout the quality difference in a kit compared to our custom. In addition, we are an established company that have been building palapas since 2003 and are licensed bonded and insured. It is very important to work with a licensed contractor so you can protect your investment. Lastly, we are the only company that offers a three year warranty on custom palapa structure of your choice and can provide service to those that already have a palapa.

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