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The Palapa Guy

 A lot of times we are asked, “Will a palapa hold up well in the wind?" Palapas originated in hurricane regions in Mexico, Florida, the Carribean, and Polynesian Islands. They are perfect for windy areas. Palapas hold up in strong winds because of their venting affect allowing wind to blow through them while also creating a cooling sensation of 10 degrees or more.

 The Palapa Guy's have been building tropical shade structures in the state of Arizona since 2008. We pride ourselves in creating custom palapas. No kits are used and each one is built to suit customer needs and requirements. We can build practically any size and use only the best materials so you can have years of enjoyment. No more canvas umbrellas blowing apart from the wind. Palapas breathe and can withstand heavy winds. We actually drive our 4 pole 12' x 10' Palapas down the highway at 55 to 65 mph when taking them to the local home shows. We have had customers call and say they lost roof tiles and trees from the wind but the palapa is fine.


As a licensed, bonded and insured company we pride ourselves in quality and would welcome the opportunity to build your dream palapa. 


Why the Palapa Guy

The Palapa Guy, LLC is a local Arizona company that builds custom tropical shade structures. We specialize in building custom palapas with only the best materials. We don’t use kits that you can find on the internet because they are cheap in both quality and materials. Sure they use the same type of palm but they don’t use high-quality lumber for the structures as we do. We have seen kits made with half poles instead of whole. We have seen bender board and lattice being used to cut the cost but also it cuts the quality. We at The Palapa Guy only use residentially safe pressure-treated lumber and don’t cut corners by slicing the wood or using redwood lattice for the roof support.


Information about our product

With The Palapa guy all of our lumber we use is ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) green treated ponderosa pine, which is residentially safe, eliminates destruction caused by termites, fungi, and bacteria to ensure the longevity of your investment. The lumber is the best around and requires no maintenance like other solutions. We use non-staining, non-rusting hardware on 100% of our installs.